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Research Category: Environmental Statistics

Name ISI Category ISI Link NCER Investigator Link
Cressie, Noel Mathematics ISI NCER
Driscoll, Charles T. Ecology/Environment Engineering ISI NCER
Koutrakis, Petros Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
Lippmann, Morton Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
McCullagh, Peter Mathematics ISI NCER
Meng, Xiao-Li Mathematics ISI NCER
Paerl, Hans W. Plant & Animal Science ISI NCER
Ruppert, David Mathematics ISI NCER
Tiao, George C. Mathematics ISI NCER
Vardi, Moshe Y. Computer Science ISI NCER
Winer, Arthur M. Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
Zepp, Richard G. Ecology/Environment ISI NCER
Total Records: 12

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