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1997 Environmental Research Grant Announcement Archives

The EPA Office of Research and Development's National Center for Environmental Research and Quality Assurance is pleased to announce its 1997 Environmental Research Grants under the Science to Achieve Results (STAR) Program. Closing dates for the individual topics of interest vary as may the forms and information required for submission. Please review all sections of the RFA before applying.

This Announcement is for the first eight of 16 topic areas expected to be available this year. They are listed below. Partnership and Joint Program Announcements are found one page back under the 1997 Interagency Funding Announcements heading.

You may view the entire document on screen as a single HTML file (click here for HTML) or view separate sections by clicking on the highlighted list below.

1997 STAR (NCER) Funding Announcement: (Grants and Cooperative Agreements)

1997 Application Forms for Grants and Cooperative Agreements (PDF) (6 pp, 137 K, about PDF)
1997 Funding Announcements (PDF) (37 pp, 310 K, about PDF)

1997 Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Research Grants

EPA Grants
1997 STAR (NCER) Funding Announcement: Cooperative Agreement Approaches to Multi-scale Ecological Assessment in the Middle Atlantic Region (PDF) (8 pp, 120 K, about PDF)
1997 Funding Announcement Forms for Above Application (PDF) (6 pp, 137 K, about PDF)
EPA and Research Partners
EPA, AWWARF and ACWA Partnership
EPA, DOE, NSF, and ONR Partnership
EPA, DOE, NSF, NASA and USDA Partnership
EPA and NASA Partnership
EPA, NOAA, NSF, and ONR Partnership
EPA and NSF Partnership
  • Water and Watersheds) - Closed
  • Technology for a Sustainable Environment - Closed
  • Decision-making and Valuation for Environmental Policy - Closed


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