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Standard Instructions for Submitting an Application

This section contains a set of special instructions related to how applicants should apply for an NCER grant under the appropriate solicitation. Proposed projects must be for research designed to advance the state of knowledge in the research areas described in this solicitation.

Sorting Codes

In order to facilitate proper assignment and review of applications, each applicant is asked to identify the topic area in which their application is to be considered. It is the responsibility of the applicant to correctly identify the proper sorting code. Failure to do so will result in an inappropriate peer review assignment. At various places within the application, applicants will be asked to identify this topic area by using the appropriate Sorting Code. The Sorting Codes correspond to the topic areas within the solicitation. The Sorting Codes and application deadlines for this solicitation are shown below:

Topic Area Sorting Code Due Date
Exploratory Research
    environmental biology
97-NCERQA-1A January 15, 1997
    environmental chemistry
97-NCERQA-1B January 15, 1997
97-NCERQA-1C January 15, 1997
    human health
97-NCERQA-1D January 15, 1997
    social science
97-NCERQA-1E January 15, 1997
    environmental engineering
97-NCERQA-1F January 15, 1997
Ecosystem Indicators 97-NCERQA-2 January 22, 1997
Issues in Human Health Risk Assessment
    The Human Health Effects of Complex Exposure Patterns
97-NCERQA-3A February 15, 1997
    Variability in Human Responses to Environmental Agents
97-NCERQA-3B February 15, 1997
    Consumer Right-to-Know
97-NCERQA-3C February 15, 1997
Endocrine Disruptors 97-NCERQA-4 February 15, 1997
Ambient Air Quality
    Tropospheric Ozone and Fine Particulates
97-NCERQA-5A February 15, 1997
    Special Opportunity Pre-proposals
97-NCERQA-5B January 15, 1997
    Urban Air Toxics
97-NCERQA-5C February 15, 1997
Health Effects of Particulate Matter 97-NCERQA-6 February 15, 1997
Drinking Water
    Microbial Pathogens
97-NCERQA-7A February 15, 1997
    Disinfection Byproducts
97-NCERQA-7B February 15, 1997
Contaminated Sediments 97-NCERQA-8 February 15, 1997

The Sorting Code must be placed at the top of the abstract (as shown in the abstract format), in Box 10 of Standard Form 424 (as described in the section on SF424), and should also be included in the address on the package that is sent to EPA (see the section on how to apply).

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