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Extramural Research

SBIR Program Success Stories

Since its inception, EPA's SBIR Program has provided incentive funding to small businesses to translate their innovative ideas into commercial products that address environmental problems. These innovations are the primary source of new technologies that can provide improved environmental protection at lower cost with better performance and effectiveness. SBIR has helped spawn successful commercial ventures that not only improve our environment, but also create jobs, increase productivity and economic growth, and enhance the international competitiveness of the U.S. technology industry.

The highlights of many successful SBIR projects are summarized below - many of them have been commercialized and are generating more revenue than the funding provided by EPA. As more projects reach milestones or commercialization, their success stories will be added or updated to this collection, expanding the Nation’s knowledge base of innovative environmental technologies.


Project Title Company
Air Pollution
Ultralow NOx Burner for Boilers and Process Heaters (PDF) (2 pp, 125 K) Altex Technologies Corporation
Laser-Based Technique for Real-Time Measurement of Emissions in Diesel Engine Exhaust (PDF) (2 pp, 67 K) Artium Technologies, Inc.
Solid Scrubber for the Semiconductor Industy (PDF) (2 pp, 125 K) ATMI, Inc.
Enhanced Plasma Sterilized FiltrationTM System: Improving Indoor Air Quality (PDF) (2 pp, 125 K) Atmospheric Glow Technologies, Inc.
Hand-Held Sensor for Carbon Dioxide (PDF) (2 pp, 110 K) Bridger Photonics
NOx Monitoring From Mobile Sources (PDF) (2 pp, 670 K) Ceramatec, Inc.
Membrane Technology for Reducing NOx Emissions From Diesel Engines (PDF) (2 pp, 127 K) Compact Membrane Systems, Inc.
Gas-Phase Bromination for Cost-Effective Mercury Control (PDF) (2 pp, 118 K) Sorbent Technologies Corporation
Air Pollution Control
Gas-Phase Bromination for Cost-Effective Mercury Control (PDF) (2 pp, 125 K) Albemarle Mercury Control Division
Reducing NOx Emissions From Diesel Engines (PDF) (2 pp, 161 K) Compact Membrane Systems, Inc.
Fuel Alternatives
Second-Generation Biofuel: Isobutanol Producing Biocatalyst (PDF) (2 pp, 140 K) Gevo, Inc.
Green Buildings
Renewable and Biodegradable Insulation and Packaging Materials (PDF) (2 pp, 140 K) Ecovative Design LLC
Streamlining Green Building Design (PDF) (2 pp, 140 K) Green Building Studio, Inc.
Greener Roofs: Innovative Roof Repair Products From Recycled Materials (PDF) (2 pp, 130 K) Polymer Recycling, LLC and Enviro Roof Repair, Inc.
Lead Paint Detection and Removal
Hand-Held Lead Paint Analyzer (PDF) (2 pp, 100 K) NITON LLC
Real-Time Mercury Analysis: A Dry Sample Conditioning System (PDF) (2 pp, 98 K) Apogee Scientific, Inc.
Rapid Progestin-Based Endocrine Disruption Screening Assay (PDF) (2 pp, 113 K) Fort Environmental Laboratories
Vehicle-Mounted Natural Gas Leak Detector (PDF) (2 pp, 90 K) Physical Sciences, Inc.
Trace Gas (and Isotope) Analysis: A Portable, Turnkey Instrument (PDF) (2 pp, 72 K) Picarro, Inc.
Portable Field Decontamination Unit (PDF) (2 pp, 126 K) PlasmaSol Corporation
Measurement System for Determining Particulate Matter Pollution (PDF) (2 pp, 111 K) Rupprecht & Patashnick Co., Inc.
A Novel Liquid and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection System (PDF) (2 pp, 97 K) Ophir Corporation
Nanofibers: A Novel Approach to Filtration (PDF) (2 pp, 130 K) eSpin Technologies, Inc.
Biomimetic Nanostructured Coating for Environmentally Preferable Dry Machining (PDF) (2 pp, 262 K) NanoMech, Inc.
Nanoparticle-Anchored Plasticizers (PDF) (2 pp, 105 K) TDA Research, Inc.
Pollution Prevention
Mercury Sorbents and Carbon Black Derived From Waste Tires (PDF) (2 pp, 116 K) Advanced Fuel Research, Inc.
Low-Cost Machining Without Cutting Fluids (PDF) (2 pp, 123 K) Creare, Inc.
Phytoremediation of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils (PDF) (2 pp, 153 K) Edenspace Systems Corporation
Replacement of Toxic Hexavalent Chromium in the Plating Process (PDF) (2 pp, 117 K) Faraday Technology, Inc.
New Coating Methods To Reduce Waste and Hazards in Plating (PDF) (2 pp, 109 K) IonEdge Corporation
Advanced Thin Film Coating for Electroplating Metals (PDF) (2 pp, 142 K) Jet Process Corporation
Electrochemical Production of Potassium Ferrate (PDF) (2 pp, 101 K) Lynntech, Inc.
Environmentally Friendly Conversion Coatings (PDF) (2 pp, 104 K) Lynntech, Inc.
Recovery and Recycling of Valuable Feedstock From Plant Reactor Purge Gas (PDF) (2 pp, 131 K) Membrane Technology and Research, Inc.
Fast Lightoff Catalytic Converter for Reduced Combustion Emissions (PDF) (2 pp, 170 K) Precision Combustion, Inc.
Stormwater Control
Nonmechanical Device for Stormwater Flow Control (PDF) (2 pp, 138 K) WWETCO, LLC
Hand-held, Portable Device to Detect VOCs in Water, Soil and Air Samples (PDF) (2 pp, 196 K) Defiant Technologies
High-Speed Identification and Sorting of Plastic Resin Flake for Recycling (PDF) (2 pp, 120 K) National Recovery Technologies, Inc.
High-Speed Plastic Recycling (PDF) (2 pp, 141 K) National Recovery Technologies, Inc.
Affordable Manufacturing of High Surface Area Iron Powder for Remediation (PDF) (2 pp, 105 K) OnMaterials, LLC
Water and Wastewater
Arsenic Removal System for Point-of-Use/Point-of-Entry Drinking Water Systems (PDF) (2 pp, 124 K) ADA Technologies, Inc.
Hydrogen Peroxide Ballast Water Treatment System (PDF) (2 pp, 110 K) Eltron Research, Inc.
High-Efficiency Toxic Trace Metal Removal From Industrial Wastewater (PDF) (2 pp, 94 K) Frontier GeoSciences, Inc.
Innovative Ultraviolet Light Source for Disinfection of Drinking Water (PDF) (2 pp, 99 K) Phoenix Science & Technology, Inc.
Upflow Filters for Rapid and Effective Treatment of Stormwater (PDF) (2 pp, 96 K) USInfrastructure, Inc.
Arsenic Removal From Drinking Water Systems Using a Novel Hybrid Sorbent (PDF) (2 pp, 97 K) VEETech, P.C.
A Hybrid Pathogen Detection System For Drinking Water (PDF) (2 pp, 215 K) Vegrandis
Water Monitoring
Rapid Detection of Waterborne Pathogens in Drinking Water (PDF) (2 pp, 189 K) Rheonix, Inc.

2005 SBIR Success Stories Complete Listing (PDF) (68 pp, 1.8 MB)


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