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Science Topics: Particulate Matter: Research Results Meetings

NCER Workshops

1998 and 2000 Measurement and Air Toxics Conference: These Symposiums were the eighteenth and nineteenth in a series on the measurement of air pollutants sponsored by the Air and Waste Management Association and EPA's National Exposure Research Laboratory. The Association conducts these conferences as a neutral forum to present all viewpoints on an environmental issue, and promotes environmental responsibility by providing technical and managerial leadership in the fields of air and waste management. Special session presentations by STAR Grant Recipients were featured.

PM Center Workshops

  • 2001 "Cardiovascular Effects of Air Pollution: Potential Mechanisms and Methods of Testing" (PDF) (18 pp, 61 K)

    The American Petroleum Institute (API) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency together with the University of Rochester EPA Particle Center sponsored a workshop on March 7-8, 2001 in Rochester, New York to discuss the potential mechanisms and methods of testing that should be considered in developing a coherent approach to the investigation of cardiovascular effects associated with air pollution. The workshop brought together epidemiologists, cardiologists and toxicologists from academia, government and industry, all of whom share an interest in understanding the relationship between particulate matter and cardiovascular health. The workshop first reviewed the evidence from epidemiologic, animal and clinical studies linking PM with cardiovascular effects as well as the armamentarium of non-invasive tests available to examine these relationships. It then went on to examine the plausible mechanisms that could be responsible for such effects including neural mechanisms, plaque formation, and the role of cytokines and inflammation. In keeping with the objectives, the workshop participants were charged with reviewing the current protocols and methods used for detecting cardiovascular responses in epidemiologic and clinical studies, considering their robustness, and exploring new methodologies.

  • 2001 "Issues in the Assessment of Health Impacts of Gasoline Emissions in California" (PDF) (2 pp, 80 K)

    This workshop was co-sponsored by the UCLA Southern California Particle Center and Supersite, the California Environmental Protection Agency, and the Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center. Topics covered included laboratory studies of toxicity of gasoline emissions, monitoring and measurement of PM, characterizing health risks, source apportionment using transport models, exposure studies, and identification of research needs.

  • 2001 " Dosimetry Workshop" (PDF) (6 pp, 162 K)

    This workshop was designed to coordinate dosimetry research efforts and identify research dosimetry needs. Areas discussed included particle size distributions and concentrations in supersite data; PM doses to major regions of the respiratory tract; clearance kinetics for particle associated organics; biological targets and amplification phenomena for organics; identification of PAH and quinone fractions in PM.

  • 2001 "PM Toxicity Studies: State of the Art and Future Directions" (PDF) (2 pp, 84 K)

    This workshop was designed to allow coordination and interaction of researchers at each of the 5 PM Centers. Overviews of ongoing research including chronic effects of PM in children; studies in animals with preexisting airway disease; cardiopulmonary effects; acute toxicity effects; particle size and toxicology; use of concentrated air particles; dosimetry issues; and macrophage chemical components of diesel exhaust particles were discussed.

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