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2005 Level I Scientific And Technological Achievement Awards (STAA)

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Level I awards are for those who have accomplished an exceptionally high-quality research or technological effort. The awards recognize the creation or general revision of scientific or technological principle or procedure, or a highly significant improvement in the value of a device, activity, program, or service to the public. Awarded research is of national significance or has high impact on a broad area of science/technology. The research has far reaching consequences and is recognizable as a major scientific/technological achievement within its discipline or field of study.

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Nominations Recommended for a Level I Award ($5000) -- Total of Three
Nom. # Titles and Citations of Submitted Papers Eligible Authors* and Nominating Organizations Non-EPA Authors and Organizations Citation
S5ER0031 Evidence for Landscape-Level, Pollen-Mediated Gene Flow from Genetically Modified Creeping Bentgrass with CP4 EPSPS as a Marker.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 101(40):14533-1453 (2004)
Lidia S. Watrud (30%)
Constance A. Burdick (15%)
Jay R. Reichman (15%)
E. Henry Lee (10%)
Anne Fairbrother (10%)

NHEERL, Corvallis, OR
Mike Bollman (5%) -- Dynamac Corporation
Marjorie Storm (5%) -- Dynamac Corporation
George King (5%) -- Dynamac Corportion
Peter K. Van de Water (5%) -- USGS
Exceptional Research That Changed the Paradigm About the Potential for Gene Flow from GM Crops to Natural Environments
S5RA0069 The Genotoxocity of Ambient Outdoor Air, a Review: 'Salmonella' Mutagenicity.
Mutation Research - Reviews, 567(2-3):347-399 (2004)
Larry D. Claxton (70%)
Sarah H. Warren (15%)
Peggy P. Matthews (15%)

NHEERL, Research Triangle Park, NC
  Providing a Scholarly Review and Analysis of Airborne Compounds, Mixtures, and Products That are Mutagenic
S5SS0106 Health-Related Benefits of Attaining the 8-Hr Ozone Standard.
Environmental Health Perspectives, 113(1):73-82 (2005)
Bryan J. Hubbell (60%)

OAQPS, Research Triangle Park, NC
Aaron Hallberg (20%) -- Abt Associates, Inc.
Donald R. McCubbin (10%) -- Abt Associates, Inc.
Ellen Post (10%) -- Abt Associates, Inc.
Innovative Work in Developing and Applying the BenMAP Model to Demonstrate the Benefits of Attaining the Ozone NAAQS
Key to Acronyms used in the above Table

NERL           National Exposure Research Laboratory
NHEERL      National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory
NRMRL        National Risk Management Research Laboratory
OAQPS       Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
OPP            Office of Pesticide Programs
ORIA           Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
OSCP         Office of Science Coordination and Policy
OSW          Office of Solid Waste

               *Note: The percentages given after name represent the current percent of the total level of effort as documented in the EPA nomination. 


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