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2014 STAA Guidance for Frequently Asked Questions

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The STAA Coordinator receives many comments, suggestions, and questions each year.  This guidance has been developed to provide clarification.
Percentage contributions from multiple authors

  • Eligibility of nominations/authors is based upon when the research was conducted.  At least 50% of the work must be attributed to people who were EPA employees at the time the research was conducted.  If an author changed status during the period the research was accomplished, please list them as appropriate for each period.
  • Be honest when calculating those percentage agreements of authors.  They are an important component of your nomination.
  • Please try to give complete name and contact information for each author.  If you’ve lost touch with one of your co-authors, document your effort to locate them and enter their contact information as “unknown."  Any award materials for this author will still be sent to the nominating office for distribution.

Publication eligibility

  • Publications are eligible for 3 years based on publication date.  It may be to your benefit to wait one or two years before submitting so that the impact of your contribution may be realized. 
  • You may not resubmit a previously nominated publication, even if it was previously submitted as a single publication and you now wish to include it in a multiple-publication nomination.  You may submit a previously nominated publication under “Supplemental Items” to support your new nomination.

Updates/changes from previous announcements

  • Non-traditional publication techniques such as videos are allowed as publications as long as they have been peer reviewed. Contact the STAA coordinator for more information on how to include these types of publications in your nomination.


  • Updates after the nomination deadline are not allowed.
  • Use plain language in your citation so that everyone will understand your accomplishment.  Also, use “Initial Caps” format for your citation and publication titles.  Please do not exceed the 120 character limit for your citation.
  • Make sure that each author’s full name is spelled correctly and include a complete and current mailing address for each author.
  • Authors that are SES, SL, or ST employees cannot receive financial awards.
  • If more than one publication is submitted for a nomination, please make sure that you provide a comprehensive explanation of the relationship between the publications so the SAB can better evaluate the publications as a cohesive nomination.
  • Provide a thorough description of how this nomination’s publications are different from any previous STAA nominations. The SAB will have a list of all previous STAA nominations sorted by author, so it will help them to better evaluate this nomination if you describe the differences and distinguish it from previous nominations.

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