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Grants & Funding

Grants & Funding

The Exchange Network Grant Program provides funding to states, territories, and federally recognized Indian tribes to support the development of the National Environmental Information Exchange Network. [Read More]Since FY 2002, EPA has awarded approximately $171 million in assistance agreements to build the Network. All 50 states, five territories, and 87 federally recognized tribes have received grants to facilitate their involvement in the development and implementation of the Exchange Network.

U.S. EPA Releases Final
FY 2014 Exchange Network Grant Solicitation Notice

The FY 2014 Exchange Network Grant Program Solicitation Notice is now available to interested applicants. Applications are due to to EPA by November 15, 2013. In FY 2014, EPA expects to award an estimated $10,000,000 for 40 to 50 grants of up to $500,000. The exact number of grants will depend on the final amount of EPA's appropriation for the grant program, the number of applications submitted to EPA by the application deadline, the amounts of proposed budgets, and the outcome of application reviews.The primary outcome expected from the Exchange Network assistance agreements is improved access to, and exchange of, high-quality environmental data from public and private sector sources. With this outcome in mind, applications should demonstrate support for and results toward the EN program priorities. EPA will accept project proposals for Exchange Network grants in one of two ways: 1) a hardcopy mailed or delivered application, including one original and two copies; or 2) a proposal submitted electronically through the grants.gov website. EPA anticipates that it will announce selection decisions in or around April 2014. EPA plans to issue the awards by July 31, 2014. To assist applicants, EPA will be hosting a webinar at 1 pm (ET) on September 18, 24, 25 and October 22, 2013. Further details will be posted here and provided through Exchange Network alerts.


List of Exchange Network Grants meeting Excessive Unliquidated Obligations Criteria


January 2014 ULO update :

2 Year Excessive ULO (PDF) (1 pp, 29 KB)

3 Year Excessive ULO (PDF) (1 pp, 30 KB)

4 Year Excessive ULO (PDF) (1 pp, 29 KB)

5 Year Excessive ULO (PDF) (2 pp, 39 KB)


October 2013 ULO update :

2 Year Excessive ULO (PDF) (2 pp, 19 KB)

3 Year Excessive ULO (PDF) (1 pp, 15 KB)

4 Year Excessive ULO (PDF) (1 pp, 15 KB)

5 Year Excessive ULO (PDF) (4 pp, 30 KB)



FY 2014 Exchange Network Grant Solicitation Notice (PDF) (105 pp, 2 MB)
Checklist of Documents (PDF) (1 pp, 101 KB) to submit for FY 2014 Exchange Network Grant Applications
What's New (PDF) (1 pp, 106 KB) in the FY 2014 Exchange Network Grant Solicitation Notice
A list of Do's and Don'ts (PDF) (1 pp, 18 KB) for the FY 2014 Exchange Network Solicitation Notice

Updated information on Virtual Node services:

Virtual Node IPT Charter (PDF) (5 pp, 144 KB)

Draft Description of Virtual Node Services (PDF) (3 pp, 224 KB)

Exchange Network Grant Award & Project Information
Review 2002 - 2012 information on Exchange Network grants. Find out more about the types of activities that states, tribes and territories are involved in, which are helping to support the Exchange Network.

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