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Exposure Research

  • Research Planning and Coordination Staff

    Dr. David Kryak

  • National Exposure Research Laboratory

    Dr. Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta

  • Associate Directors

    Dr. Linda Sheldon, Human Health

    Dr. Andrew Gillespie, Ecology

  • Safety, Health and
    Environmental Management Staff

    Todd Baker
    Acting Director

  • Office of the Deputy Director

    Jewel Morris
    Deputy Director

  • Program Operations Staff

    Van Anderson

  • Atmospheric Modeling &
    Analysis Division

    Dr. S.T. Rao, Director

    Tom Pierce, Deputy Director

    Applied Modeling Branch

    Dr. Kiran Alapty, Chief

    Atmospheric Model Development Branch

    Dr. Jonathan Pleim, Chief

    Atmospheric Exposure Integration Branch

    Dr. Valerie Garcia, Chief

    Emissions & Model Evaluation Branch

    Shawn Roselle, Chief

  • Ecosystems Research

    Dr. Roy Sidle, Director

    Dr. Candida West, Deputy Director

    Program Operations Staff

    Gerald Brunson, Director

    Processes & Modeling Branch

    Dr. Jack Jones, Chief

    Ecosystems Assessment Branch

    Kathleen Sullivan, Chief

    Regulatory Support Branch

    Dr. John Johnston, Chief

  • Microbiological & Chemical Exposure Assessment Research Division

    Dr. Jay Garland, Director

    Dr. Tom Behymer, Deputy Director

    Program Operations Staff

    Jim Owens, Chief

    Biohazard Assessment Research Branch

    Dr. Ann Grimm, Chief

    Microbial Exposure Research Branch

    Kevin Oshima, Chief

    Chemical Exposure Research Branch

    Dr. Jeffrey Morgan, Chief

  • Human Exposure &
    Atmospheric Sciences Division

    Dr. Roy Fortmann, Acting Director

    Dr. Myriam Medina-Vera,
    Acting Deputy Director

    Program Operations Staff

    Rebecca Clausen, Director

    Exposure Measurements & Analysis Branch

    Donald Whitaker, Acting Chief

    Environmental Characterization & Apportionment Branch

    Dr. Gary Norris, Chief

    Methods Development & Application Branch

    Elin Ulrich, Acting Chief

    Process Modeling Research Branch

    Surender Kaushik, Chief

    Exposure Modeling Research Branch

    Dr. Andrew Geller, Chief

    Exposure & Dose Research Branch

    Dr. Cecilia Tan, Acting Chief

  • Environmental Sciences

    Dr. Randall Gentry, Director

    Christopher Sibert, Deputy Director

    Program Operations Staff

    Maria Gregorio, Director

    Landscape Ecology Branch

    Ann Pitchford, Acting Chief

    Environmental Chemistry Branch

    Dr. Brian Schumacher, Chief

    Characterization & Monitoring Branch

    Dr. John Zimmerman, Acting Chief

    Landscape Characterization Branch

    Dr. Dorsey Worthy, Chief

  • Ecological Exposure
    Research Division

    Dr. Mark Bagley, Director

    Dr. Greg Toth, Assoc. Director

    Ecosystems Research Branch

    Dr. Joseph Flotemersch, Acting Chief

    Molecular Ecology Research Branch

    Florence Fulk, Chief

    Molecular Indicators Research Branch

    Adam Biales, Chief

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