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Microbiological and Chemical Exposure Assessment

2012 Publications

  • Buse, H.Y. and N. Ashbolt. Counting Legionella cells within single amoeba host cells. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78(6):2070-2072(2012).
  • Byappanahalli, M., M. Nevers, A. Korajkic, Z. Staley and V. Harwood. Enterococci in the environment. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews 76(4):685-706(2012).
  • Converse, R.R., J.F. Griffith, R.T. Noble, R.A. Haugland, K.C. Schiff and S.B. Weisberg. Correlation between polymerase chain reaction and culture- based methods for measuring Enterococcus over various temporal scales and three California marine beaches. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78(4):1237-1242(2012).
  • Converse, R.R., L.J. Wymer, A.P. Dufour and T.J. Wade. Comparison of the multiple-sample means with commposite sample results for fecal indicator bacteria by quantitative PCR and culture. Applied Environmental Microbiology 78(19):7166(2012).
  • Haugland, R.A., S. Siefring, J. Lavender and M. Varma. Influence of sample interference and interference controls on quantification of entercocci fecal indicator bacteria in surface water samples by the qPCR method. Water Research 46(18):5989-6001(2012).
  • Heaney, C.D., E.A. Sams, A.P Dufour, K.P. Brenner, R.A. Haugland, E.C. Chern, S. Wing, S. Marshall, D.C. Love, M. Serre, R. Noble and T.J. Wade. Fecal indicators in sand, sand contact, and risk of enteric illness among beachgoers. Epidemiology 23(1):95-106(2012).
  • Kelty, C..A., M. Varma, M. Sivaganesan, R.A. Haugland and O.C. Shanks. Distribution of genetic marker concentrations for fecal indicator bacteria in sewage and animal feces. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78(12):4225-4232(2012).
  • McMinn, B., J. Cashdollar, A Grimm and G. Fout. Evaluation of the celite secondary concentration procedure and an alternate elution buffer for the recovery of enteric adenoviruses 40 and 41. Journal of Virological Methods 179(2):423-428(2012).
  • Meheust, D., J. Gangneux, T. Reponen, L. Wymer, S. Vesper and P. LeCann. Correlation between environmental relative moldiness index (ERMI) values in French dwellings and other measures of fungal contamination. Science of the Total Environment. 438:319-324(2012).
  • Murr, A. H., A.N. Goldberg, S.D. Pletcher, K. Dillehay, L. J. Wymer and S.J. Vesper. Some chronic rhinosinusitis patients have significally elevated populations of seven fungi in their sinuses..The Laryngoscope 122(7):1438-1445(2012).
  • Neumann, N.F., L. Villegas and N. Ashbolt. The genomics revolution and its effect on water quality. Journal of American Water Works Association. 104(1):63-65(2012).
  • Nonnenmann, M.W., G. Coronado, B. Thompson, W.C. Griffith, J.D. Hanson, S.J. Vesper and E.M. Faustman. Utlilzing pyrosequencing and quantitative pCR to characterize fungal populations among house dust samples. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 14(8):2038-2043(2012).
  • Raynal, M., E. Villegas and K.L. Nelson. Enumeration of viable and non-viable larvated Ascaris eggs with quantitative PCR. Journal of Water and Health. 10(4):594-604(2012).
  • Reponen, T., J. Lockey, D.I. Bernstein, S.J. Vesper, L. Levin, G.K. Kurana Hershey, S. Zheng, P. Ryan, S.A. Grinshpun, M. Villareal and G. LeMasters. Infant origin of childhood asthma associated with specific molds. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. 130(3):639-644(2012).
  • Rhodes, E., L.F. Villegas, N.J. Shaw, C. Miller and E. Villegas. A modified EPA Method 1623 that uses tangential flow hollow-fiber ultrafiltration and heat dissociation steps to detect waterborne Cryptosporidium and Giardia spp. Journal of Visualized Experiments. 65:E4177(2012).
  • Ryu, H., J. Lu, J. Vogel, M. Elk, F. Chavez-Ramirez, N. Ashbolt and J.W. Santo-Domingo. Development and evaluation of a quantitative PCR assay targeting sandhill crane(Grus canadensis) fecal polution. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78(12):4338-4345(2012).
  • See, M.J., S.E. Staggs, J.P. Dubey and E. Villegas. Evaluation of four RNA extraction methods for gene expression analysis of Cryptosporidium parvum and Toxoplasma gondii oocysts. Journal of Microbiological Methods 89(3):185-192(2012).
  • Shanks, O.C., M. Sivaganesan, L. Peed, C.A. Kelty, A.D. Blackwood, M.R. Greene, R.T. Noble, R.N. Bushon, E.A. Stelzer, J. Kinzelman, T. Anan'eva, C. Sinigalliano, D. Wanless, J. Griffith, Y. Cao, S. Weisberg, V.J. Harwood, C. Staley, K. Oshima, M. Varma and R.A. Haugland. Interlaboratory comparison of real-time PCR protocols for quantification of general general fecal indicator bacteria. Environmental Science and Technology 46(2):945-953(2012).
  • Sivaganesan, M., M. Varma and R.A. Haugland. Comparison of Enteroccus qPCR analysis results from fresh and marine waters on two real-time instruments. Analytical Biochemistry 430(1):68-74(2012).
  • Smith, C. and N. Ashbolt. The fate of Helicobacter pylori phagocytized by Acanthamoeba polyphaga demonstrated by fluorescent in situ hybridization and quantitative polymerization chain reaction tests. Current Microbiology 65(6):805-812(2012).
  • Stelma, G.N. and L.J. Wymer. Research considerations for more effective groundwater monitoring. Journal of Water and Health. 10(4):511-521(2012).
  • Thomas, G., N.C. Burton, C. Mueller, E. Page and S.J. Vesper. Comparison of work-related symptoms and visual contrast sensitivity between employees at a severely water-damaged school and a school without significant water damage. American Journal of Industrial Medicine 55:844-854(2012).

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