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Susan E. Franson

My research centers on developing measures of ecological exposure and condition at a variety of temporal, spatial, and biological scales. This includes application of statistical techniques to explore and elucidate the complex interactions among processes occurring at these different scales. Currently, two of my major research activities are: assessing the genetic diversity, population structure, and population dynamics of ground beetles relative to different cropping systems in the Mid-western corn belt; and exploring relationships between macroinvertebrate community composition and traits and Functional Process Zones in the New and Kanawha Rivers and their tributaries.

Biographical Information

Name: Susan E. Franson
Title: Research Ecologist

Contact Info:

Ecological Exposure Research Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
Environmental Protection Agency
26 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. (MD579)
Cincinnati, OH 45268

Phone: 513-569-7626


  • Ph.D. in Ecology, 1985, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S. in Statistics, 1980, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S. in Biology, 1977, Purdue University
  • B.S. in Mathemathics and Biology, 1975, Purdue University

Professional Experience:

  • Research Ecologist, USEPA, ORD/NERL/EERD, 1998 to Present
  • Survey Statistician, USEPA, EMSL-Las Vegas, 1989 to 1998
  • Senior Clinical Research Biologist, Monsanto, Animal Sciences Division, 1985 to 1989
  • Research Associate, University of Illinois, Department of Plant Biology, 1985

Publications and Presentations

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