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Regional Sustainable Environmental Science (RESES)

RESES ORD Contacts/Science Leads (PDF)

 Region(s)  Title  ORD Contact  Regional Contact
R1 A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in a Springfield, Mass., environmental justice community elementary school to evaluate proposed remediation scenarios for indoor sources and near-roadway transportation exposures
  • Valerie Zartarian
  • Florence Fulk
  • MaryBeth Smuts
  • George Frantz
R2 Citizen monitoring of water quality and sanitation in a rural Puerto Rico watershed
  • Stephanie Friedman
  • William Fisher
  • Evelyn Huertas
  • Kristina Heinemann
R4 Conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) in the Proctor Creek District of Atlanta, Ga., to assess the distribution of environmental and health impacts as green infrastructure approaches to community revitalization
  • Florence Fulk
  • Tami Thomas-Burton
R8 Development of a sustainability tool for Tribal housing decision making
  • Douglas Gross
  • Brian Dyson
  • Verle Hanson
  • Susan Shock
  • Barbara Dehnert
  • Alfreda Mitre
  • Kate Gregory
  • Ron Schiller
  • Deb Lebow-Aal
  • Tim Rehder
  • Jennifer Wintersteen
  • Michael Wenstrom
  • Jaslyn Dobrahner (R9 representationves)
R10 Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Environmental Justice (EJ) Analysis – developing a rapid assessment tool for assessing environmental justice and community health impacts
  • Devon Payne-Sturges
  • Rochelle Labiosa
  • Wenona Wilson
R1, R2, R3, R4, R7, and R10 Working with communities to develop practical measures of sustainability
  • Marc Russell
  • Anne Keller (R4) - lead Regional contact
  • Rosemary Monahan (R1)
  • Rabi Kieber (R2)
  • Marie Holman (R3)
  • David Doyle (R7)
  • Melanie Wood (R10)
RESES Task Regional Sustainable Environmental Sciences
  • Dan Heggem, RESES Coordinator
  • Claudia Walters, Regional Liaison

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