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Training Materials and Presentations

About NetDMR

The following training materials and presentations provide additional information about NetDMR. Please note that these materials may not reflect current project changes or updates.

  • NetDMR Introduction, Create an Account, and Request Access - An introduction of NetDMR to include roles and responsibilities, step-by-step instructions on how to create an account, and how to request access for specific NPDES permits
  • Managing Access - As the Permit Administrator, you will need to approve access for others in your company; this module explains how to approve/deny those requests
  • DMR Data Entry - Explains methods and features of direct data entry of DMR data, of hard and soft errors along with examples of how to address them, different methods for entering NODI codes, and concludes with a description of how to sign completed DMRs. Intended for External or Data Provider account holders with Signatory or Edit rights.
  • Importing DMR Data - Explains the methods and procedures used in creating and submitting an import DMR file used for batch submissions of DMR data. This tutorial will also explain and demonstrate some possible errors or problems one might encounter when importing data and how to resolve those problems. This tutorial is intended for Permittees who will submit all or part of their DMR data electronically.


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