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Frequent Questions

This page presents frequently asked questions about NetDMR.

What is NetDMR?
NetDMR is a Web-based tool that allows NPDES permittees to electronically sign and submit their discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) to EPA's Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS-NPDES) via the Environmental Information Exchange Network. NetDMR will reduce the burden on EPA, states, and the regulated community; improve data quality; and expand the ability of both states and EPA in targeting their limited resources to meet environmental goals. An essential component of NetDMR when fully implemented will be the exchange of data with ICIS-NPDES allowing permittees to complete a DMR that is specific to their permit limits and outfalls.

What is a NPDES permit?
NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permits are issued under the authority of the Clean Water Act and regulate discharges to the waterways of the United States. A state environmental agency, EPA Region, or Federal EPA may issue and/or manage NPDES permits. For more information about the NPDES program, see http://cfpub.epa.gov/npdes/.

What is a DMR?
A DMR is a Discharge Monitoring Report. A common requirement of a NPDES permit is regular self-monitoring of permitted parameters, typically monthly. The results of this regular self-monitoring are submitted to the regulating agency on a DMR form.

How was NetDMR developed?
The NetDMR application was developed under an EPA grant by a consortium of states coordinated by the Environmental Council of States (ECOS) and led by Texas. Information about that version of the application can be found on the ECOS Web site at http://www.exchangenetwork.net/exchanges/water/netdmr.htm Exit EPA Disclaimer.

Who can report?
NPDES permittees required to submit discharge monitoring reports (DMRs) may use NetDMR after requesting and receiving permission from their permitting authority. After the state or region has approved the facility's request, the NetDMR tool enables permittees to complete their DMRs via a secure Internet connection.

Which states will be using NetDMR?
States may use the national instance of NetDMR, a state instance of NetDMR, or a separate electronic discharge monitoring report (eDMR) system. To see which states will be using NetDMR, view the map of participating states.

Is NetDMR secure?
Yes, your communications with NetDMR are secured by your password, responses to security questions, and use of SSL communications. SSL is commonly used by online banking sites.

In addition, NetDMR has received approval from EPA that it meets the requirements of the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR). CROMERR specifies standards that govern electronic reporting to states, tribes, and local governments under EPA-authorized programs, such as the NPDES program. The CROMERR standards are designed to provide these electronic submittals with the same level of legal dependability as the corresponding paper submittals.

Can municipalities which are delegated pretreatment program responsibilities by EPA or the delegated state use NetDMR?
Municipalities which are delegated pretreatment program responsibilities by EPA or the delegated state cannot use NetDMR.  The reason is Municipalities cannot be direct users of ICIS, because they are also permittees regulated by either EPA or the state.  If either EPA or the state is the pretreatment control authority, the industrial users (IUs) can use NetDMR, since these IUs report to either the EPA or the state.


For more technical frequent questions, visit the NetDMR Technical FAQs (13pp, 50K, About PDF).


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