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For Permittees

NetDMR is now available to EPA Regions and select States, Tribes, and Territories. Several EPA Regions and States are currently utilizing NetDMR. Additional States, Tribes, and Territories may adopt Network Discharge Monitoring Report (NetDMR) and enable their regulated NPDES facilities to begin utilizing the electronic reporting tool. If you are a NPDES permittee, please contact your State or Regional NetDMR lead to receive additional information on NetDMR and how to get started.


Region or State
NetDMR Lead Contacts
Region 1 (Massachusetts/New Hampshire) Norma Mason (mason.norma@epa.gov)
Ed Kim (kim.ed@epa.gov)
Region 2 (Puerto Rico) Nestor Louis (Louis.Nestor@epamail.epa.gov)
Region 3 (District of Columbia) Norma Green (green.norma@epa.gov)
Nancy Ford (ford.nancy@epa.gov)
Region 4 (AL, FL, GA, GE, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN) David M. Apanian (apanian.david@epa.gov), 404-562-9477
Region 6 (Arkansas/Gulf of Mexico/Louisiana/New Mexico/Texas) Helen Nguyen (nguyen.helen@epa.gov)
Region 8 (Colorado/Montana/South Dakota/Utah) John Mackey (mackey.john@epa.gov), 303-312-6056
Region 9 (California/Guam/Navajo Nation) Sandra Chew (chew.sandra@epa.gov)
Region 10 (Alaska/Idaho/Oregon/Washington) Diane Davis (davis.diane@epa.gov), 206-553-1296
Arkansas Amy Schluterman (Schluterman@adeq.state.ar.us)
Connecticut Suzette Flecha (suzette.flecha@ct.gov)
Colorado NetDMR Help Team (CDPHE.WQNetDMRHelp@state.co.us), 303-691-4046
Georgia Michael L. Basmajian (michael.basmajian@dnr.state.ga.us), 404-675-1660
Hawaii Scott Miyashiro (scott.miyashiro@doh.hawaii.gov)
Indiana Rose McDaniel (rmcdanie@idem.in.gov), 317-233-2653
Kentucky Cheryl Edwards (NetDMR@ky.gov), 502-564-8158 ext. 4920
Louisiana Christine Mayeux (deqnetdmr@la.gov)
Maryland William Lee (wlee@maryland.gov), 410-537-3514
Montana Lisa Tucker (ltucker@mt.gov), 406-444-5388
South Dakota Tim Flor (Tim.Flor@state.sd.us), 605-773-3351
Tennessee Shelia Moore (NetDMR.help@tn.gov)
Utah Edith VanVleet (evanvleet@utah.gov)
Matthew Garn (mgarn@utah.gov)


Please see Frequent Questions for more information. Permitted facilities may also sign-up to receive e-mail updates about NetDMR.

For additional information, see the training materials and presentations available online.


Documents and Guidance for NetDMR

The Draft NetDMR Facility Information Package Template (PDF) (21pp, 151K, About PDF) explains how to get started using NetDMR for permittees and data providers. This package provides an introduction to NetDMR, preparations that should be made prior to implementing NetDMR, how to participate in NetDMR, basic troubleshooting, and several useful documents such as the subscriber agreement. This package is currently in a draft version.

Target audience: Permittees and Data Providers


The NetDMR National Installation Permittee and Data Provider User Guide (PDF) (152pp, 3.0MB, About PDF) explains how to perform various tasks within the NetDMR system with a focus on Permittees and Data Providers. With this purpose in mind, it is organized by type of user and tasks. All users should read the introduction, as it provides important information about using NetDMR and the organization of the Guide, in general. The first chapter is for all users. Most users will find that they will probably need to use only one or two chapters, depending on their role and the type of tasks that they are performing in NetDMR. The Guidance is Final and the latest modifications were made in July 2012.

Target audience: Permittees and Data Providers


Effective July 9, 2012 the Import files were changed to allow uploads for multiple permit numbers.

     Template_Import_DMR_form_nodi_20120709.xlsx - This file is specifically used for DMR form level "No Data" records, such as when the entire Limit Set is "No Discharge".

     Template_Import_DMR_20120709.xlsx - This file is used for the actual reported DMR data.


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