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For States and Regions

A State, Tribe, Territory or EPA Region is eligible to use NetDMR if they are already using EPA’s Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS-NPDES).  A State, Tribe, Territory, or EPA Region interested in using NetDMR should contact NetDMR@epa.gov.

EPA Headquarters will assist the EPA Regions, States, Tribes, and Territories in implementing NetDMR. Participating EPA Regions, States, Tribes, and Territories will receive assistance with the marketing and outreach of NetDMR in addition to creating electronic reporting business processes.  EPA Headquarters will also provide training on the use of NetDMR for the regulatory authority and NPDES permittees.

Please note that States, Tribes, and Territories must be individually approved to use NetDMR. EPA has developed materials to assist in the preparation and submittal of a CROMERR (Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation) checklist and supporting materials. For more information, see CROMERR Submission Information and Guidelines for State Partners.


Documents and Guidance for NetDMR

The NetDMR National Installation Regulatory Authority User Guide (PDF) (148pp, 2.8MB, About PDF) explains step-by-step on how to perform various tasks within the NetDMR system with a focus on Regions and States. With this purpose in mind, it is organized by type of user and tasks. All users should read the introduction, as it provides important information about using NetDMR and the organization of the Guide, in general. The first chapter is for all users. Most users will find that they will probably need to use only one or two chapters, depending on their role and the type of tasks that they are performing in NetDMR.

NetDMR Technical FAQs (13pp, 50K, About PDF)

Target audience: EPA HQ, Regions, and States


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