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Exchange Network

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

The Performance Measures project uses a balanced scorecard approach to evaluate the Exchange Network’s past performance based on several sources of data, including customer satisfaction surveys and operational data. The goals of the Exchange Network Performance Measures Project are to:

  • Engage Exchange Network stakeholders, Exchange Network governance, EPA Program Offices, and EPA Office of Information Collection to defi ne performance categories to be measured.

  • Collect performance data on select categories through surveys, system inquiries, and program analysis.
  • Establish a performance baseline with initial scores and user feedback.

  • Set target goals for future performance based on baseline analysis.

  • Improve Exchange Network programmatic decision making based on measures and targets.

The project measures several business and operational aspects of the Exchange Network, and the EPA Node on the Network, the Central Data Exchange (CDX), including customer satisfaction with current services, governance and Exchange Network strategy, operational reliability, business process improvement, and

benefit to environmental programs. In addition to the quantitative data, the project also collects customer comments into an annual report that it data and comments into an annual report that it presents to the Exchange Network governance which uses it to inform policy and programmatic decisions.

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