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Process for Preparation of Survey Information for Analysis

Analysis Process Flow Diagram

The Design Team has developed a process to guide and standardize the preparation of databases for subsequent analysis.

The process includes several steps and feedback loops among the general components and information sources that lead to a database and analysis.

An illustrative example of this process is presented based on the EMAP Western Pilot Program.

The first step creates a Site Evaluation file, may include office and field tasks Design File Selected Sites Site Evaluation Field Reconn
EMAP Western Pilot Example
    Site Evaluation for Non-Perennial Streams
  • Sites in Design File must be used in specified order
  • Every site in Design File must be tracked
  • Each Selected site evaluated to determine
    • Stream channel existence
    • Perennial or non-perennial
    • Other characteristics
  • Three phase evaluation
    • Office assessment based on existing information
    • Phone call to knowledgeable local person
    • Field visit
  • 1200 RF3 Non-perennial sites evaluated

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