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Process for Preparation of Survey Information for Analysis

Analysis Process Flow Diagram

The Design Team has developed a process to guide and standardize the preparation of databases for subsequent analysis.

The next step combines all the information on a site into a Site Status file, i.e. design, evaluation, reconnaissance, and data collected.

Go to Site Status Categories and their Design Impacts for additional information.

An illustrative example of this process is presented based on the EMAP Western Pilot Program.

Creating a Site Status file Design File Selected Sites Site Evaluation Field Reconn
The Site Status File contains information for each site from field and other sources     Site Status File Data Collection
EMAP Western Pilot Example
    Site Status File
  • EMAP Site ID
  • Monitoring Program Site ID
  • Site Name
  • Comments on Site Status
  • Other Auxiliary information
  • Site Status Codes
    • TS: Target Sampled
    • LD: landowner Denied Access
    • PB: Physically Inaccessible
    • NT: Non-Target
    • NS: Not Sampled
    • NN: Not Needed

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