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General Information on Analysis and Reporting

This section provides general descriptive information including: 

1) Overview of the Analysis Process

2) Statistical Estimation, Testing, and Computing Overview

3) Reporting the results from probability surveys

The Design Team recognizes that a primary reporting objective is to meet the requirements of section 305(b) of the CWA. Currently this includes both an Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Report and electronic submission of the data to EPA's Assessment Data Base. An summary of State's implementation and reporting status is included.

4) Illustrative examples of Annual and Assessment Reporting

5) Specific State Applications

Population Estimation Overview

EMAP's approach to monitoring design relies on probability survey designs to select sites for monitoring.  An integral part of using survey designs is having statistical analysis procedures linked with the design.  The EMAP Statistical Methods Manual gives an overview of this approach.  The introduction to the Manual is the basis for the information presented here.  The individual estimation methods are available on the Technical Specifics page. 


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