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Guide for relrisk (psurvey.analysis_2.9 )

A new function, relrisk, has been added to psurvey.analysis.

Computes the relative risk estimate for a 2x2 table of cell counts defined by a categorical response variable and a categorical explanatory (stressor) variable for an unequal probability design. In addition, the standard error of the log of the relative risk estimate and confidence limits for the estimate are calculated. A workshop presentation (pdf 2.1 MB, 15 pages), plus speaker notes (pdf 85 KB, 4 pages) by John Van Sickle (Oct 18-19) is included as an illustrative example. A zip file containing the data, R script, and outputs (both a copy of the R console and a plot) is available, psurvey relative risk example (zip 39 KB).

Help page available within R via help(relrisk)

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