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Developing Design Structure - Survey Design

Following the guide for the development of a survey design for Aquatic Resource Monitoring.

The next step in the process iterates among the Design Requirements, Frame Materials, Sample Frame and the Survey Design to complete the Design.

Continuing with the illustrative example of the design processes based on the EMAP Western Pilot Program.

Additional examples are presented for Indiana Streams 1998

Completion of the survey design combines all the previous information developed in this process.
Current design strategies are based on the Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified (GRTS) Designs    
EMAP Western Pilot

Non-perennial Streams

  • GRTS Design for linear resource
  • Stratify by 12 States
  • Multi-density categories
    • Strahler order: 1, 2, 3+
    • Arid and Mountainous ecoregions
  • Sample size 100/State
  • Minimum 50 sites per multidensity category
  • Panels: One
  • No intensification areas
  • No nested subsampling
  • No over sample
Relative Weights Strahler Order 1 Strahler Order 2 Strahler Order 3+
Arid 1 3 6
Mountainous 1 5 20

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