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Population Estimation Example for Estuaries

Illustrative Example Objectives:

Another illustrated example has been included based on streams.

Example is based on R 2.2.1 and psurvey.analysis_2.9 (other R versions please see: R Compatability Notice)

Design, Site Evaluation, Weight Adjustment, Estimation, Reported Results

Background: Information for this example is drawn from the South Carolina Estuaries Monitoring program and report, Van Dolah, R.F., et.al. 2002. However, simplifying assumptions regarding the frame materials, design, and site evaluations have been made, therefore, this example material is for illustrative purposes only.


Site Evaluation

Weight Adjustment


Description Estimates
Estimates by Indicator Score scoresumcdf (cvs 7 KB)
Estimates at % levels scoresumpct (cvs 4 KB)
Estimate for Total scoresumtot (cvs 2 KB)
Benthic IBI, Water Qualtiy Index ow_ibiwqsum (cvs 3 KB)
CDF plots results (pdf 22 KB)
R console documentation R_History (txt 13 KB)
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Reported Results

Figure 3.4.5 Percent Habitat Benthic IBI, source: The Condition of South Carolina's Estuarine and Coastal Habitats During 1999-2000, Technical Report, Van Dolah, R.F., et.al. 2002.  The data and estimates in this example do NOT match exactly those in the report, due to simplifying assumptions and data changes in this example.

Additional results and graphics for South Carolina Estuaries

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