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Design and Analysis specifics and examples for Estuaries

Information on Estuaries is organized in the following categories: Objectives & Questions, Target Population, Design, Response Design/Indicators, Analysis Approach, Results.  In addition, an example application of the population estimation algorithms is presented based on two year's data for South Carolina's Tidal Creeks and Open Water Coastal Estuaries.

Objectives & Questions

Target Population, subpopulations


Response design

Analysis approach


National Coastal Condition Report I - describes the overall condition of the U.S. coastal waters as fair to poor, varying from region to region.

National Costal Condition Report II (2005) Reports on progress since the 2001 report

Archived Coastal Communications:  web site with "one-pagers" on Coastal Research, includes information on probability surveys.  Maintained by Gulf Ecology Division of EPA/ORD/NHEERL
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