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Development of the Sampling Frame

The list or map that identifies every unit within the target population is the sampling frame. Such a map or list is needed so that every individual member of the population can be identified unambiguously. The individual members of the target population whose characteristics are to be measured are the sampling units.  The sampling frame would typically be established by combining one or more sets of frame materials through a geographic information system (GIS). Frame materials usually encompass several information sources, for examples see Frame Materials.

Also see: Relationships among Target Population, Sample Frame, Samples, Sampled Population, Estimates, and Assumptions

Streams - Example

GIS coverage that includes all streams in the target population

Potential sources: River Reach File Version 3 (RF3), National Hydrography Dataset (NHD)

Other GIS coverages may provide additional required attributes

Lakes - Example

Estuaries - Example

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