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Protocols for collecting data at sample sites

Before collecting data on the selected units, procedures on how the information will be obtained are needed.  The term, response design, is used for the collection of procedures for data collection at a site.

How data is collected on an aquatic resource, such as a stream, can impact the interpretation of the survey results.


Response Design for Wadeable Streams

Western Pilot Study: Field Operations Manual for Wadeable Streams

Index Period

The time period within a year selected for measurement (ecologically based).  Measurements may be taken once or more often during the time period, with the response design providing the protocol for obtaining a single value for each indicator.  Indicator variability within Index period contributes to non-survey sampling error.

Environmental Methods

National Environmental Methods Index (NEMI)
The purpose of NEMI is to provide a mechanism to compare and contrast the performance and relative cost of analytical, test, and sampling methods for environmental monitoring based on analyte, media, and performance data.

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