This document describes how to install and use the library of S-PLUS functions

for analysis of probability survey data (psurvey.analysis).


Installing S-PLUS library psurvey.analysis


   1. Obtain a copy of one of the following compressed archive (zip) files

      containing the library, which may be obtained from the Aquatic

      Monitoring web pages or from an email:

            S-PLUS 2000:     psurvey.analysis_2.12.S-PLUS

            S-PLUS 6:      psurvey.analysis_2.12.S-PLUS 6&

            S-PLUS 7:      psurvey.analysis_2.12.S-PLUS 6&

   2. Using a program such as "WinZip", open the zip file and extract the

      contents of that file to the "library" folder of S-PLUS, which is located

      at "SHOME\library".  If you are uncertain of the location of "SHOME",

      execute the following S-PLUS command: "getenv('SHOME')".

   3. Installation of the package only needs to be done once.


Using S-PLUS library psurvey.analysis


   1. Each time S-PLUS is started in a session, you have to separately "load"

      the library in order to access the functions and their help files.

   2. Load the library using the "File" menu (click on "File", click on "Load

      Library...", select "psurvey.analysis" from the list of available

      libraries, and click on "OK") or execute the following S-PLUS command:


   3. For S-PLUS 2000 help for using the library is available by browsing to the

      psurvey.analysis folder within the library folder of S-PLUS 2000 (located

      at "C:\Program Files\sp2000\library\psurvey.analysis")and clicking on the

      file "psurvey.analysis.chm" (which is a compiled HTML help file).  For

      S-PLUS 6 and S-PLUS 7, help for using the library is available both

      through the help command, i.e., enter "help(function name)" at the command

      line, and through the "Help" menu (click on "Help", point to "Available

      Help", and click on "psurvey.analysis").