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Aquatic Resource Monitoring

Aquatic Resources Monitoring Web Site

Hosted by the
Monitoring Design and Analysis Team
National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory,
Western Ecology Division,
Corvallis, OR

This Web site provides information on monitoring of aquatic resources in the US, primarily focused on design and analysis of probability based surveys. Links are provided to other aquatic resources monitoring information available on the internet.

ARM is designed to provide users needing information in several areas:

  1. Introductory, conceptual and overview information on the overall approach, concepts and benefits.
  2. Program level information on details of the approach, requirements, alternatives and examples.
  3. Technical level information on the design and analysis details, including access to example data sets, results and statistical algorithms.
  4. Implementation Issues, Indicators, and Field Manuals
  5. Presentation and training materials
  6. Reference information, internet links, brief descriptions of Federal, State, Tribal monitoring and research programs on aquatic resource monitoring.
  7. Related publications and documents and program links.

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  • Aquatic Resource Monitoring has a checkered history of success in providing information and meeting expectations.
  • Critical components and the processes for designing, implementing and reporting on aquatic resources are identified.
  • Illustrative Processes and Examples provided.
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Design Team
  • Presents Team goals and objectives
  • Roles and potential services
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Design & Analysis 
  • Focus is on the probability based designs that have been develop in conjunction with ORD's EMAP Research Program
  • Addresses the general principles and background for these designs
  • Detailed information to guide development, implementation, analysis and reporting for a sampling survey
  • Specific areas of research interests and active research tasks
  • Download Software
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Aquatic Resources
  • Overview of monitoring/surveys for Estuaries, Lakes, Streams, Wetlands, and Great Rivers
  • Specific Approaches addressing application issues for these systems
  • Numerous examples
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Monitoring Programs
  • Descriptive information and linkages to Federal, State and Tribal monitoring programs
  • Highlighting probability design approaches to address aquatic resource monitoring questions.
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  • Issues, Examples and Shared Experiences
  • Site Recon
  • Gaining Site Access
  • Non-Target Site Visits
  • Field Operatons Manuals
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  • Design and Analysis Presentations
  • EMAP Related Presentations
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ORD Research
  • Links to ORD research strategy and plans
  • Aquatic resource monitoring research programs, EMAP and STAR grants
  • Go To EMAP homepage
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  • References for survey designs, statistical analyses, program documentation, and monitoring reports.
  • Reports, abstracts and links to electronic versions
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
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Definitions of Terms
  • Dictionary of commonly used terms
  • Promotes consistent usage and understanding
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