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Aquatic Resource Monitoring - Monitoring and Design Related Presentations

Several PowerPoint presentations have been developed covering several aspects of monitoring and design concepts. They are included in the website as additional material and examples to facilitate understanding and application of these concepts.

Presentation Title Author pdf File, size
Aquatic Resource Monitoring Overview Anthony (Tony) R. Olsen mo, 2.9 MB
Monitoring Design: Component Details Anthony (Tony) R. Olsen mdd, 2.5 MB
Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified (GRTS) Spatially-Balanced Survey Designs for Aquatic Resources Anthony (Tony) R. Olsen grts_ss, 5.6 MB
Response Design: Inland Aquatic Stream Example Anthony (Tony) R. Olsen rd, 2.2 MB
Survey Analysis Process Anthony (Tony) R. Olsen sap, 331 KB
Introduction to R Statistical Software Anthony (Tony) R. Olsen irss_2.6, 1.2 MB

Related EMAP Presentatons

Presentation Title Author Information File, Size
Linking CWA Sections 305(b)/303(d):
Small Area Estimation
F. Jay Breidt
Colorado State University
EMAP Symposium 2004, Newport, Rhode Island
jbreidt (pdf, 770 KB)
Ranking Stressors to
John Van Sickle, John Stoddard, Steve Paulsen
EMAP Symposium 2004
jvsickle, (pdf, 3 MB)
Sampling Design Considerations:
Probability vs Targeted
State-wide vs Regional
Don Stevens, Statistics Department Oregon State University
Presented at California Aquatic Bioassment Workshop Sacramento, CA November 27-28, 2001
cabw (pdf, 68 KB)
Relative Risk What is it? How do I calculate it?
(Includes: Slides, Notes, Example Files, and Results)
John Van Sickle
Aquatic Monitoring Design and Analysis Workshop
Oct. 18-19, 2005  
rrisk_example (zip, 39KB)


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