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Aquatic Resource Monitoring Programs

Many Federal and State agencies, including Tribal Governments, conduct aquatic resource survey and monitoring programs.  Some of these programs have adopted, are evaluating or considering the use of probability designs and linkages to the approaches developed by ORD's EMAP.  The Aquatic Monitoring Design & Analysis Team is contributing to and collaborating with many of these programs.

National Water Quality Monitoring Council NWQMC
Intergovernmental Task Force on Monitoring Water Quality (1992-1996) ITFM

EPA Office of Water OWOW
  National Estuary Program (NEP)

US Geological Service USGS

National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration NOAA

State Departments of Natural Resources, Ecology, Environment, etc. State Programs.  Including Probabilistic Monitoring Design Status
  Puget Sound Ambient Monitoring Program (PSAMP)

Native American Tribal Governments Tribal Programs


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