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U.S.-Canada Science Symposium Seeks To Advance Ecosystem-Based Management for Gulf of Maine

At the international Gulf of Maine Symposium: Advancing Ecosystem Research for the Future of the Gulf, Stephen Hale, a research ecologist at NHEERL's Atlantic Ecology Division, Monitoring and Assessment Branch, along with Maxine Westhead of Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans, will lead a technical workshop on ecosystem services. The goal of the meeting is to move toward identifying, mapping, quantifying, and valuing marine ecosystem services in the Gulf of Maine, including estuaries and coastal wetlands. The symposium, to be held in St. Andrews, NB, Canada, October 5-9, 2009, will gather ecologists and economists from across Canada and the United States to share methods, techniques, and experiences. The workshop will report on and identify further research needed to transform the way we account for the type, quality, and magnitude of nature's goods and services, so they can be considered in management decisions; discuss the needs for data, methods, and models to better understand and communicate the benefits of considering ecosystem services; and gauge interest in forming a partnership to conduct further work. Workshop findings will benefit EPA Region 1 and ORD's Ecological Services Research Program.

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