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ISTD Researcher To Speak at Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries

David DeMarini, a genetic toxicologist with the NHEERL Integrated Systems Toxicology Division (ISTD) Genetic and Cellular Toxicology Branch, will participate in the 7th Congress of Toxicology in Developing Countries, to be held in Sun City, South Africa, September 6-10, 2009. The meeting's theme will be "harmonization of toxicological issues between developed and developing countries." Some of the topics to be covered there are clinical and forensic toxicology; food safety; toxic exposures in the working environment in developing countries; toxicological issues related to environmental pollutants, including endocrine disruptors, particles, metal ions, asbestos, and contaminants from electronic waste disposal; and exposures in the developing world (e.g., metals, brominated flame retarders, etc.).

The meeting presents an opportunity to address scientists in developing countries regarding some of the methods and procedures EPA uses to address carcinogenicity mechanisms and carcinogenicity risk assessment. Dr. DeMarini will be giving a talk titled "Low-Dose Carcinogenesis Studies and Mechanism," in which he will review three carcinogenicity studies. Based on data from those studies, estimates regarding the carcinogenic potency of three chemicals can be made. This will be discussed in comparison to mutagenicity data that have resulted from low-dose in vivo studies, and, together, these will be discussed in a roundtable discussion that will include NCEA Director Peter Preuss.

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