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NHEERL-Led Study Results Published in EHP and Profiled in Scientific American

James Samet, a research biologist with the NHEERL Environmental Public Health Division Clinical Research Branch, led a study entitled “An Integrated Imaging Approach to the Study of Oxidative Stress Generation by Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Living Cells” that appeared in the July 2010 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP, 118(7):902-908; Cheng et al.). The article, which was co-authored by Robert Zucker of NHEERL’s Toxicity Assessment Division Developmental Toxicology Branch, as well as collaborators from the University of North Carolina, the University of Oregon, and the German Research Center for Environmental Health, was profiled in a “Science Selections” column in the same issue of EHP. Also, Dr. Samet subsequently was interviewed for a feature story on this research that will appear in a future issue of Scientific American.

The mechanisms of action of many environmental agents commonly involve oxidative stress resulting from mitochondrial dysfunction, and this study shows the application of the latest intracellular reporters of oxidant stress and mitochondrial function for the real-time measurement of environmental toxicity in living cells.

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