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NHEERL Researcher Honored with Publication Award at SOT Annual Meeting

Joshua A. Harrill, a postdoctoral researcher in the Systems Biology Branch of NHEERL’s Integrated Systems Toxicology Division, has been awarded the Society of Toxicology’s (SOT’s) Best Postdoctoral Publication Award for 2011. Dr. Harrill was the first author on the paper entitled “Quantitative Analysis of Neurite Outgrowth in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derived hN2 Cells Using Automated High-Content Image Analysis.” In this paper, the authors evaluated the use of human stem cells to model a critical cellular process of brain development. Chemical-induced changes in the process of neuronal cell growth were monitored using a novel technique called high-content imaging, an automated microscopy approach that enables the rapid assessment of thousands of cells in a high-throughput format. This technique can be used by program offices in the in vitro evaluation of potential developmental neurotoxicity.

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