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EPA Researcher Invited To Present Work at Rutgers EOHSI

Philip J. Bushnell, a research toxicologist with NHEERL’s Toxicology Assessment Division (TAD) Neurotoxicology Branch in Research Triangle Park, NC, has been invited by the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI) of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, to present the results of work by a team of NHEERL scientists on the hazard of acute exposures to volatile organic chemicals. The title of his talk, to be given October 13, 2011, is “The Acute Hazard of Inhaled Volatile Organic Chemicals: Understated or Overblown?” and it will reflect the synthesis of two lines of research applying animal models of solvent intoxication to questions of public health. First, quantitative comparisons of the acute effects of solvent inhalation with effects of ingested ethanol on driving behavior in humans suggest that solvents are unexpectedly hazardous among automobile drivers. Second, the fact that animals become tolerant to the acute effects of solvents ameliorates this hazard but does not eliminate it. While there, Dr. Bushnell also will meet with scientists at the EOHSI of Rutgers and discuss EPA approaches to toxicological research and learn about air pollution research being conducted at the institute.

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