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Health and Environmental Effects Research

NHEERL Researchers Present at ASU’s Global Institute for Sustainability

NHEERL scientists Bill LeFew, Steve Edwards, and Rory Conolly visited Arizona State University (ASU) October 16-18, 2012, in support of their Pathfinder Initiative Project (PIP) on “Computational Approaches to Triple Value Sustainability Problems.” While there, Bill LeFew teamed with NHEERL’s Laura Jackson, who participated by phone, to present “Continuing the Integration of Sustainability Across the EPA” to members of ASU’s Global Institute for Sustainability. Dr. LeFew and Dr. Jackson discussed EPA’s continued emphasis on sustainability, several tools that currently are used to support these efforts, and the type of computational products that their PIP is developing to better leverage current efforts.

The EPA team was hosted by ASU’s Decision Theater Director, Ken Galluppi. The Decision Theater is a meeting room that holds about 20 people and is lined with large, high-resolution monitors. Various aspects of a complex issue, such as water management in Arizona, are displayed to meeting participants who see how alternative decisions they might make about an issue will play out over time. The Decision Theater is a leading example of how computational methods can facilitate decisionmaking associated with complex systems (e.g., integrating environmental, societal, and economic concerns). The visit also featured a detailed discourse on the importance of problem solving elements grounded in the social sciences concerning group dynamics and the involvement of nonresearch-oriented stakeholders.

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