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EPA Scientist To Chair Session at INA-14

The overall theme of INA (International Neurotoxicology Association)-14 is "Neurodevelopmental Basis of Health and Disease," a topic that is highly relevant to pesticide registration issues within the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP), as well as to public health in general. Ginger Moser of the NHEERL Toxicity Assessment Division's (TAD’s) Neurotoxicology Branch organized and will chair a symposium on the topic of mechanisms for pesticide-induced developmental neurotoxicity. Speakers from the United States, including Stephanie Padilla of NHEERL's Integrated Systems Toxicology Division, and Italy will discuss alternative mechanisms of pesticides for which the accepted mode of action is acetylcholinesterase inhibition. Newer lines of laboratory research, as well as epidemiological studies in children, have suggested such a possibility, and this was a topic of discussion at an OPP Scientific Advisory Panel meeting (specifically with regards to chlorpyrifos). Ongoing research and future needs for developing linkages from key events to neurodevelopmental effects will be discussed. Participation in this activity benefits EPA through increased visibility and interactions in the international scientific community and providing our scientific research to the international community. The INA is an organization formed to promote scientific knowledge regarding the action of toxic agents on the nervous system. It has members from 36 countries.

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