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EPA Scientists Host Monitoring and Assessment Workshop

NHEERL Western Ecology Division (WED) scientists hosted a Pacific Island Territories and Hawaii Monitoring and Assessment Workshop in Corvallis, OR, in March 2013. The workshop was attended by 12 scientists from Pacific Island Territories, the State of Hawaii, and Region 9 who participated in the implementation of reef flat and coastal estuary surveys in 2010. These surveys were conducted in collaboration with the National Coastal Condition Assessment, which is one of the National Aquatic Resource Surveys led by the Office of Water.

The workshop focused on the analysis results from the surveys. The objective of the workshop was to train the attendees to complete the statistical analyses in the current assessment and in future assessments as well. The statistical analyses are based on an R statistical software package, "spsurvey," developed by staff in the WED Freshwater Ecology Branch under the Safe and Sustainable Water Research Program.

The WED scientists involved in the workshop were Dave Peck, Tom Kincaid, Karen Blocksom, Steve Paulsen, Tony Olsen, and Walt Nelson.

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