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Final Ecosystem Goods and Services Classification System Report and Web Site Available

Based on research completed as part of the Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program, a standardized classification system has been developed for final ecosystem goods and services. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment sparked the vision of using ecosystem services as a way of accounting for the benefits people obtain from nature (i.e., ecosystem services). Final ecosystem goods and services (FEGS) are components of nature, directly enjoyed, consumed, or used to yield human well-being. The FEGS Classification System (FEGS-CS) report and interactive Web site (http://gispub4.epa.gov/FEGS) provide an operational framework that standardizes identification of ecosystem services at multiple spatial scales. The framework links environmental classes and beneficiaries (i.e., human recipients) to construct and identify FEGS. The interactive Web site enables users to create and download custom checklists of potential FEGS. The FEGS-CS was developed and continues to be enhanced by NHEERL Western Ecology Division scientists Dixon Landers, Amanda Nahlik, and Paul Ringold.

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