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NHEERL Scientist Invited To Speak at ICWP DC Roundtable

Naomi Detenbeck, an ecologist with the NHEERL Atlantic Ecology Division (AED) Watershed Diagnostics Branch, has been invited to present at the DC Roundtable by the Interstate Council on Water Policy (ICWP) in Washington, DC, on April 1, 2014. The ICWP is holding the Water Planners Conference that will feature an overview of State and interstate water plans and the progress that water agencies are making with help from Federal and private sector experts. As part of a session titled “Enhancements in Water Resource Planning Tools,” Dr. Detenbeck will be presenting “WMOST: The Watershed Management Optimization Support Tool.” WMOST was developed in collaboration with EPA Region 1 in support of ORD’s Green Infrastructure Research Program (SSWR 4.2). On April 2, the Washington Roundtable will feature extended, informal discussions of water program priorities and policy opportunities with Administration leadership from the principal agencies that have water responsibilities and with key Congressional committee experts. The ICWP is an organization of State and regional water management officials with a long history of experience and advocacy in water policy at the State and national levels. WMOST is consistent with ICWP goals, which include “managing water for sustainable, long-term goals recognizing both human needs and the health of water-dependent ecosystems” and managing “surface and groundwater as an integrated hydrologic system, considering water quality and quantity in all phases of the hydrologic cycle.”

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