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Air Manganese Study

City of East Liverpool, Ohio

The City of East Liverpool, Ohio


In November 2011 US EPA researchers conducted a health study of airborne manganese exposure in East Liverpool, Ohio. This Web site discusses preliminary results of the study and provides background and other related information. The Updated Study Information page will include items such as abstracts presented at meetings, versions of future published papers related to the study, and, eventually, a copy of the final EPA report.


Workplace studies of occupations such as mining and welding have shown that inhaling high levels of manganese can lead to nervous system health effects. Few studies have been done on the health effects of airborne manganese exposure in community settings on adults. The main purpose of this study was to evaluate whether nervous system health effects (neurotoxicity) were detectable in community residents with long-term, airborne manganese exposure.


In February 2008, the Ohio EPA completed an air quality study in East Liverpool that indicated residents were at risk from exposures to airborne manganese and chromium. Ohio EPA identified the S.H. Bell Company, a raw products storage and packaging facility, as the source of manganese and chromium sampled in community air monitors. The Director of the Ohio EPA requested that the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) evaluate potential health impacts.

In November 2010, ATSDR completed a Health Consultation that concluded that the levels of airborne manganese in East Liverpool exceeded background levels and health-based guidelines. ATSDR stated that exposure to manganese concentrations in East Liverpool poses a public health hazard.

EPA's November 2011 study followed a protocol similar to previous manganese health studies conducted by San Francisco State University in Marietta, Ohio, and Mount Vernon, Ohio, so that data from all three communities could be compared.

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