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Goals and logistics

Since the 2008 symposium, significant research progress has been made by the ORD and other scientists with PFAAs, and new findings have been reported in the literature at a rapid pace.  Hence, it will be timely to organize another biennial conference on these chemicals.  The PFAA Days III symposium to be held on June 8-10, 2010, again on the US EPA campus in Research Triangle Park, NC is designed to review the progress of PFAA research and to share the recent new discoveries.  Similar to PFAA Days II, this informal EPA conference is open to all scientists from other federal and state agencies, chemical industry and academia.  However, a main focus of the PFAA Days III meeting is to promote interactions among participants that will lend to future research collaboration.  Toward that end, only a few platform presentations are planned, primarily to summarize the state-of-science for the topic of interest.  All attendees are encouraged to participate actively through open discussion led by session leaders, as well as poster presentations that highlight findings from individual laboratories. The poster size should not exceed 44 x 70 inches. Poster presenters should submit a brief abstract to Dr, John Rogers (rogers.john@epa.gov) for review by May 21, 2010.  Abstracts of platform and poster presentation, workshop proceedings and report will be submitted to Reproductive Toxicology for consideration of publication.  Another special issue on PFAA research will be planned for publication in Reproductive Toxicology.  Interested authors should contact Dr. Chris Lau (lau.christopher@epa.gov) for details.   

A separate session on June 11 will be reserved for EPA scientists and managers to discuss the remaining research needs to support PFAA human health risk assessment

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