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June 8 - 10, 2010
U.S. EPA Research Triangle Park Campus

In the summer of 2006, a "PFAA Days" workshop was held at the US EPA campus in Research Triangle Park, NC, where scientists and managers from the Agency's Program Offices and Region Offices met with ORD researchers to identify research needs for health risk assessment.  The inaugural meeting was followed by "PFAA Days II" symposium held in June 2008, which was open to the public and attracted about 200 participants from EPA, academia, industry and other governmental entities.  A special issue devoted to capture the proceedings and presentations of this symposium was subsequently published in Reproductive Toxicology (vol. 27, issues 3-4, 2009).

The June 8-10, 2010 PFAA Days III conference will focus on the following topics:

  • PFAAs in the environment
  • PFAA exposure
  • PFAA epidemiology
  • PFAA toxicities
  • Nuclear receptor involvement in PFAA actions

Additionally, focus groups will be discussing PFAA analytical chemistry and PFAA issues among government agencies.

All attendees are encouraged to present posters that highlight findings from their laboratories. Poster presenters should upload a brief abstract at the registration page.

A separate session on June 11 will be reserved for EPA scientists and managers to discuss the remaining research needs to support PFAA human health risk assessment.

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