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GCA Synopsis of OMB's Uniform Solicitation Format For Federal Assistance Agreements

Overview (OV) Information

  1. Required Overview Content
    1. Federal Agency Name(s), including name of funding sponsor
    2. Funding Opportunity Title
    3. Announcement Type (e.g., initial announcement or modification of a previous announcement)
    4. Funding Opportunity Number (required if applicable)
    5. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number(s)
    6. Dates (include all dates that applicants will need to know)
  2. Optional, Additional Overview Content
    1. Present optional OV info in a sequential order that parallels the full text format
    2. Examples of optional OV info include
      1. concise description of funding opportunity
      2. total amount to be awarded
      3. anticipated amounts and/or number of individual awards
      4. types of instruments that may be awarded
      5. who is eligible to apply
      6. whether cost sharing is required
      7. any limitations of the number of applications that each applicant may submit
      8. where on can get application materials
    3. Method of Presentation
      1. Executive summary (must appear before the full text)
      2. Cover and/or inside cover
      3. Federal Register format (must display the required overview information in a single location preceding the full text of the announcement)

Full Text of Announcement

  1. Funding Opportunity Description - Required (Full programmatic description of the funding opportunity)
  2. Award Information - Required
  3. Eligibility Information
    1. Eligible Applicants - Required
    2. Cost Sharing or Matching - Required
    3. Other Eligibility Criteria - Required, if applicable
  4. Application and Submission Information
    1. Address to Request Application Package - Required
    2. Content and Form of Application Submission - Required
    3. Submission Dates and Times - Required
    4. Intergovernmental Review - Required, if applicable
    5. Funding Restrictions - Required
    6. Other Submission Requirements - Required
  5. Application Review Information
    1. Criteria - Required
    2. Review and Selection Process
    3. Anticipated Announcement and Award Dates - Optional
  6. Award Administration Information
    1. Award Notices - Required
    2. Administrative and National Policy Requirements - Required
    3. Reporting - Required
  7. Agency Contact(s) - Required
  8. Other Information - Optional
    (Any additional info that will assist a potential applicant)


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