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about NRMRL



Risk management research identifies what environmental risks exist and determines how to best manage those risks. Our mission is to manage current and future risks.


The National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL) focuses on problem solving. Its research directly supports national priorities to reduce greenhouse gas, improve air quality, manage chemical risks, clean up hazardous waste sites, and protect America's water. NRMRL's strengths are:


Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division
(Research Triangle Park, NC)
Investigates air pollution.

Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Division
(Ada, OK)
Studies and provides technical assistance on groundwater and ecosystems issues and cleanup.

Land Remediation and Pollution Control Division
(Cincinnati, OH)>
Researches land use and cleanup problems.

Sustainable Technology Division
(Cincinnati, OH)
Provides the know-how to balance today’s quality of life with the prospects for the same—or better—for tomorrow.

Water Supply and Water Resources Division
(Cincinnati, OH, and Edison, NJ)
Studies water pollution.

Environmental Technology Assessment, Verification Office
(Cincinnati, OH)
Tests and verifies new technologies.

Organization Chart

Image: Research Triangle Park Facility.
Image: Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Center.
Image: Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center.
Image: Urban Watershed Research Facility.

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