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Air and Climate Change Research

Combustion / Emission Control Research

Combustion, or incineration, is a widely-accepted waste treatment option with many benefits. Combustion is regulated under the Clean Air Act (CAA). The CAA protects human health and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution by requiring significant reductions in the emissions of the most dangerous air pollutants. These pollutants are known or suspected to cause serious health problems such as cancer or birth defects.

EPA researchers evaluate point sources such as power plants and small industry for combustion sources and emissions control. Along with measuring output from the combustion sources we also provide information on cost effective ways to reduce emissions from a variety of sources, generates data on the performance, costs, and environmental implications of technologies, emphasized technologies to reduce mercury emissions from power plants and mercury laden residues that result, and investigate advanced technologies to control combustion products such as particles and the implications of integrated technologies to control sulfur (scrubbers) and nitrogen (SCR) emissions. Our multi-pollutant control research facility (MPCRF) supports new flue gas cleaning technologies for stationary sources of air pollution closely simulating full-scale emission sources.

Environmental Issue or Problem
Trying to find cost effective ways to reduce emissions from a variety of sources ranging from power plants to small industrial boilers. Along with the performance data, information on costs and environmental implications of technologies are generated.

Long Term Goals & APGs
Goal 1: Clean Air and Global Climate Change
Goal 4: Healthy Communities and Ecosystems


  • Office of Air and Radiation (OAR)
  • Office of International and Tribal Affairs (OITA)
  • Office of Solid Waste (OSW)
  • Regional Offices
  • Regulated Industries

John Masters, Communications
Phone: 919-541-0634
Email: masters.john@epa.gov
U.S. EPA National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division
Mail Code: E343-02
Research Triangle Park, NC 27711

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