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Dr. Rich Baldauf

Dr. Rich Baldauf is a physical scientist/engineer in the US EPA Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Laboratory, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division, (APPCD), Emissions Characterization and Prevention Branch (ECPB). Dr. Baldauf received his B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Virginia Tech, M.S. in Environmental Science & Engineering from the University of North Carolina, and Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Kansas. He has received 7 EPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Awards for his work with the Agency.

Research Area
Dr. Baldauf began working for the EPA in 2001 with the Office of Air and Radiation’s National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory in Ann Arbor, MI. In 2003, he began a joint appointment with EPA’s Office of Research and Development to lead research eff orts for both organizations on the impacts of mobile source emissions on air quality, population exposures and human health. Dr. Baldauf’s research includes the investigation of how automobile and truck emissions aff ect air quality and exposures for people living or going to school near large roadways. This research focuses on projects evaluating emissions from motor vehicles and measuring how
changes in traffi c operation aff ect near road air quality. In addition, Dr. Baldauf leads research eff orts using chassis dynamometers and on-board measurement systems to characterize on-road and non-road vehicle emissions using conventional and alternative fuels under standard and varying ambient temperature conditions.

Web site: source characterization

Contact Information
Dr. Rich Baldauf (baldauf.richard@epa.gov)

Selected Publications

  • Hagler, G.S.W., R.W. Baldauf, E.D. Thoma, T.R. Long, R.F. Snow, J.S. Kinsey, L. Oudejans and B.K. Gullett. (2009). "Ultrafine Particles Near a Major Roadway in Raleigh, North Carolina: Downwind Attenuation and Correlation with Traffic-related Pollutants." Atmospheric Environment, 43: 1229–1234.
  • Black, K., V. Martinez, R.W. Baldauf, E.D. Thoma and D.L. Costa. (2009). "Study Design to Evaluate Mobile Source Air Toxics Compounds in the Near-Roadway Environment." Air & Waste Manage Assoc. Environmental Management Journal (EM), January 2009.
  • Baldauf R.W., A. Khlystov, V. Isakov, E. Thoma, G.E. Bowker, T. Long and R. Snow. (2008). "Impacts of Noise Barriers on Near-Road Air Quality." Atmospheric Environment, 42: 7502–7507.
  • Baldauf, R.W., E. Thoma, M. Hays, R. Shores, J. Kinsey, B. Gullett, S. Kimbrough, V. Isakov, T. Long, R. Snow, A. Khlystov, J. Weinstein, F. Chen, R. Seila, D. Olson, I. Gilmour, S. Cho, N. Watkins, P. Rowley and J. Bang. (2008). "Traffic and Meteorological Impacts on Near Road Air Quality: Summary of Methods and Trends from the Raleigh Near Road Study." J. Air & Waste Manage Assoc., 58: 865–878
  • USEPA. (2008). "Analysis of Particulate Matter Emissions from Light-Duty Gasoline Vehicles in Kansas City." Publication No. EPA/420/R-08/010.
  • Bowker, G.E., R.W. Baldauf, V. Isakov, A. Khlystov and W. Petersen. (2007). "Modeling the effects of Sound Barriers and Vegetation on the Transport and Dispersion of Air Pollutants from Roadways." Atmospheric Environment, 41: 8128-8139.
  • Venkatram, A., V. Isakov, E. Thoma and R.W. Baldauf. "Analysis of Air Quality Data Near Roadways using a Dispersion Model." Atmospheric Environment, 41: 9481-9497.
  • Thoma, E., R. Shores, V. Isakov and R.W. Baldauf. (2008). "Characterization of Near Road Pollutant Gradients Using Path-Integrated Optical Remote Sensing." J. Air & Waste Manage Assoc., 58: 879–888
  • Cook. R. J. Touma, A. Fernandez, D. Brzenzinski, C. Bailey, C. Scarbro, M. Strum and R.W. Baldauf. (2007). "Impact of Underestimating the Effects of Cold Temperature on Start Emissions of Air Toxics in the United States." J. Air & Waste Manage Assoc., 57: 1469-1479.
  • Baldauf, R.W., C. Fortune, J. P. Weinstein, M. Wheeler and F. Blanchard. (2006). "Air Contaminant Exposure during the Operation of Lawn and Garden Equipment." Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology, 16(4): 362-370.
  • Guerra S.A., D.D. Lane, G.A. Marotz, R.E. Carter, C.M. Hohl and R.W. Baldauf. (2006). "Effects of Wind direction on Coarse and Fine Particulate Matter Concentrations in Southeast Kansas." J. Air & Waste Manage Assoc., 56: 1525-1531.
  • Baldauf, R.W., W. Crews, R. Snow and P. Gabele. (2005). "Criteria and Air Toxic Emissions from In-Use, Low Emission Vehicles." Jounal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 55: 1263-1268.
  • Baldauf, R.W.,  J. McDonald, R. Heck, R. Cook, J. Rege, C. Bailey, L. Audette and J. Armstrong. (2002). "A Management of Motor Vehicle Emissions in the United States." @ Regional and Local Aspects of Air Quality Management, WIT Press, Southampton, UK.
  • Baldauf, R.W., R.W. Wiener, and D. Hiest. (2002). "Methodology for Siting Ambient Air Monitors at the Neighborhood Scale." Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 52: 1433-1442.
  • Baldauf, R.W., D.D. Lane, G.A. Marotz, H.W. Barkman, and T. Pierce, Application of a Risk Based Approach to Designing Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Networks for Evaluating Non-Cancer Health Impacts, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 78: 213-227.
  • Baldauf, R.W., D.D. Lane, G.A. Marotz, and R.W. Wiener. (2001). Performance Evaluation of the Portable MiniVOL Particulate Matter Sampler, Atmospheric Environment, 35(3): 6087-6091.
  • Baldauf, R.W. and D.D. Lane. (2001). "Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Network Design for Assessing Human Health Impacts from Exposures to Airborne Contaminants." Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 66(2): 63-76.

Professional Societies

  • American Society of Civil Engineers   
  • Air & Waste Management Association

Professional Registration
Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Kansas

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Science and Technology Achievement Award: 2008, 2009
  • EPA Bronze Medal, 2008 (Near Road Research Team); 2002 (PEMS Development Team)
  • EPA Honor Award for Teamwork (NRMRL, 2007)

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