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Air and Climate Change Research

Wayne Fowler

Wayne Fowler is a lead technician in the US EPA Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Laboratory, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division, (APPCD), Technical Services Branch (TSB).

Area of Expertise
Mr. Fowler joined EPA in 1972 as an Engineering Technician. Initially, he was responsible primarily for the operation of the mechanical shop which supports the various research programs of the Division. Currently, Wayne is assigned to the Technical Services Branch, and his duties include general support to many in-house and field research projects. In addition to assisting with the design, fabrication, maintenance, and operation of research equipment in the TSB Mechanical Shop, Wayne serves as the lead technician on field surveys being conducted by a post-doctoral employee who is examining the emission rates of nitrogen compounds from eastern North Carolina rivers and estuaries. He assisted in the design and fabrication of the automated sampling system which ensures uniformity and consistency of samples from one field trip to the next. Recently, Wayne was acknowledged by Dr. Robert S. Chapman of the National Health and Environmental Effects Laboratory in a peer-reviewed journal article published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Vol. 94, No. 11, June 5, 2002. The title of the article was "Household Stove Improvement and Risk of Lung Cancer in Xuanwei, China." The research study assessed whether lung cancer incidence decreased in Xuanwei County, Yunnan Province, China, after residents stopped using unvented, indoor firepits and started using stoves with chimneys. Wayne was acknowledged in the study for designing and building the particulate samplers used in the study. His skills and abilities are broad and diverse, as evidenced by the fact that one principal investigator made use of his expertise as a pilot to obtain aerial photographs of a forest in order to plan research studies to acquire emissions data from the forest.

Contact Information
Wayne Fowler (fowler.wayne@epa.gov)

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