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Air and Climate Change Research

Cynthia Gage

Cynthia Gage is a chemical engineer in the US EPA Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Laboratory, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division, (APPCD), Atmospheric Protection Branch (APB). Cynthia Gage has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Texas (Austin).

Research Area
Dr. Gage joined APB in 1989. She participates in EPA's evaluations of alternative refrigerants and technologies for ozone-depleting substances. She is the lab manager for the on-site Environmental and Thermal Engineering lab. Her papers include both theoretical and experimental work on thermodynamic evaluations of alternative chemicals and vapor-compression cycles. In 1997, she was a recipient of an EPA Bronze Medal for her research contributions to New Chemical Alternatives for the Protection of Stratospheric Ozone. Her most recent work is in the area of global climate change where she is evaluating the total equivalent warming impact (TEWI) of hydrofluorocarbon and alternative systems. She is also currently engaged in APB's global climate change assessment activities, including assessment of adaptation techniques, development of computer-based mitigation technology assessment tools, assessment of ancillary benefits of climate change mitigation, and assessment of mitigation costs.

Contact Information
Cynthia Gage, Ph.D. (gage.cynthia@epa.gov)

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