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Air and Climate Change Research

Zhishi Guo

Zhishi Guo is a environmental scientist in the US EPA Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Laboratory, Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division, (APPCD), Indoor Environment Management Branch (IEMB). He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a B.S. in Chemistry from Inner Mongolia University.

Research Area
His research emphasis has been on indoor source characterization, modeling, and indoor air quality simulation. His most recent research projects include characterization of indoor sources for fine particulate matter, determination and modeling of overall mass transfer coefficients for VOC emissions from aqueous solutions, and development of a Windows-based indoor air quality simulation software package.

Prior to joining the EPA, Zhishi worked for an environmental service firm for 10 years.

Contact Information
Zhishi Guo (guo.zhishi@epa.gov)

Selected Publications

  • Guo, Z., L.E. Sparks, and N.F. Roache. (2008). “Modeling Small Scale Spills of Aqueous Solutions in the Indoor Environment.” Journal of Hazardous Materials, 153: 444-453.
  • Guo, Z., J. J. Jetter, J. A. and McBrian. (2004). “Rates of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Emissions from Incense,” Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicity, 76: 186-193.
  • Guo, Z. and N. F. Roache. (2003). “Overall Mass Transfer Coefficient for Pollutant Emissions from Small Water Pools under Simulated Indoor Environmental Conditions.”  The Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 47: 279-286.
  • Guo, Z. (2002). “Review of Indoor Emission Source Models – Part 1: Overview.” Environmental Pollution, 120: 533-549.
  • Guo, Z. (2002). “Review of Indoor Emission Source Models – Part 2: Parameter Estimation.” Environmental Pollution, 120: 551-564.
  • Guo, Z., R. Mosley, S. Wasson, R. Fortmann, and J. McBrian. (2001). “Dissociation of Sulfur Hexafluoride in the Presence of an Indoor Combustion Appliance.” Journal of Air & Waste Management Association, 51: 616-622.
  • Guo, Z. (2000). “Development of a Windowed-based Indoor Air Quality Simulation Package.” Environmental Modeling & Software, 15(4): 403-410.

Professional Societies

  • Air & Waste Management Association
  • American Society for Testing and Materials: Committee D22 (Air) and Subcommittee D22.05(Indoor Air)

Selected Awards and Honors

  • EPA Gold Medal -- Risk Management on Perfluorinated Compounds Team (2008)
  • EPA NRMRL Quality Assurance Award (2006)
  • EPA OPPT Mission Award – PFOA Workgroup (2004)                                                               
  • EPA ORD Bronze Medal for Promoting Strong Science in Agency Decisions (2003)
  • EPA Bronze Medal for Extraordinary Achievement for the Project “Lead in Candle Emissions” and for Service to EPA for Progress toward a New Standard Method for XRF (2002)
  • EPA Level III Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (1996, 2000)

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